November 14, 2023

Renewable Natural Gas
& Compression Requirements – GMRC

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Event Summary

Recent events have moved Green House Gas emissions discussions to the forefront of discussions for all projects. As a result, the industry is clamoring for pathways that lead to being a part of the new Green Economy. One of those paths is Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

In this 3-hour training course, attendees will learn the general RNG process, and how traditional Gas Transportation facilities can be designed to accommodate it.

Attendees will receive 3 Professional Development Hours (PDH) upon completion.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the RNG Process.
  • Review of traditional Gas Transportation Process.
  • Learn how to marry both together, to be part of the Green Economy.


Who Should Attend

  • New engineers looking to enhance their understanding of RNG technologies.
  • Long-time engineers looking to refresh their understanding.
  • Anyone looking for a high-level, value-centric approach to incorporating RNG into their system.



Meet Your Instructor

Josh Shaver

Sr. Project Manager, LJA Engineering

Mr. Shaver has 18 years experience in the oil and gas industry, with experience across OEM, Operator, Owner, and consulting sectors. During this time, he has held the position of Professional Engineer in 21 states, with duties including various degrees of design for elements of mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, automation, and process design, project and construction management, purchasing, and quality control.


From 11-14-2023 1:00 pm CST until 11-14-2023 4:00 pm CST



Registration Information
Members $99
Non-Members $99

3% fee applied if paying by a credit card

Who can attend?

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