October 10–11, 2022

Pipeline Integrity Management

Virtual Workshop

Event Overview

Leveraging from the success of the workshop performed by SGA for many years, we take this opportunity to re-introduce “Pipeline Integrity Management” and begin to understand the last decade of baseline work plus the impending regulations of PHMSA. This seminar goes beyond understanding U.S. PHMSA IMP regulations and ASME B31.8S, Managing the Integrity of Gas Pipelines, and focuses on the future of IMP. The instructor will provide case study scenarios of IMP work over the past decade as well as regulatory requirements (current and future) and processes.

Attendees will receive 12 Professional Development Hours upon completion.

This course will be held over 2 days:

October 10: 8 am – 4:30 pm, CST
October 11: 8 am – 12 pm, CST

Topics Covered

  • Regulations and Standards Gas
  • Regulations and Standards Hazardous Liquids
  • Data Gathering Review and Integration
  • Integrity Management Process, Threat Susceptibility
  • Integrity Management Process, Risk Analysis
  • Integrity Assessment Methods
  • In-line Inspection, New Developments
  • Response to Assessments
  • Root Cause, Lessons Learned, Remediation and Repairs
  • Remaining IMP Elements
  • Putting all the Pieces Together
  • Glimpse into the Future
  • PHMSA Audits

Who Should Attend

Aimed at individuals and groups who require an understanding of the underlying integrity management principles set out in the Code of Federal Regulation CFR 192 and those of other jurisdictions and hence carry the force of law.

Should You or Your Team Enroll?

  • Do you have a basic knowledge of integrity management programs?
  • Are you a recent hire or staff recently given IMP responsibilities?
  • Are you responsible for aspects of your company’s pipeline integrity management program?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, this seminar was designed with you in mind! Time to register.

Meet the Instructor

John S. Zurcher, Principal, P-PIC

John has spent 30 years in the gas pipeline industry, actively involved in pipeline safety. He served as vice president of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, Pipeline Group, consulting to natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operators, trade associations and research organizations. Previously, he worked for Columbia Gas Transmission Company as manager of field services, responsible for company compliance with federal regulations, management of capital budget programs, and development of the corporation’s risk management program.

At Tenneco Energy, he was director of pipeline services, where he oversaw corrosion control, geographic information system development, applied systems, and pipeline rehabilitation, integrity, and safety projects. With PanEnergy Corporation, Coastal Corporation, and Colorado Interstate Gas Company, his duties included design and operations, codes and standards, corrosion control, telecommunications, geographic information systems, and facility design and construction.

John is presently a member of NACE and ASME and serves on the B31.8 Section Committee. John has been chair of the INGAA Pipeline Safety Committee and the GRI System Integrity and System Operations Committee. He was a member of the DOT Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee, the DOT Risk Management Quality Action Team and their Mapping Quality Action Team. He has testified on behalf of the industry before the U. S. Congress on several occasions on matters relating to pipeline safety.


From 10-10-2022 8:00 am CST until 10-11-2022 12:00 pm CST


Registration Information
Members $1,260
Non-Members $1,640

3% fee applied if paying by a credit card

Who can attend?

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