August 31, 2021

Introduction to Natural Gas Midstream Facilities and Operations

Virtual Workshop

Event Overview

This one-day virtual workshop provides natural gas professionals with an introduction to facilities and operations within the midstream segment of the natural gas industry. Non-technical descriptions of equipment and processes employed to gather, treat and process gas in order to render it commercially acceptable and to transport, store and trade the commodity prior to delivery to consumers are provided.


Topics Covered:

  • Gas Industry segments and US supplies of natural gas
  • Separation of gas at the wellhead
  • Gathering of gas (measurement, composition analysis, and transport)
  • Gas treating (acid and sour gas, dehydration)
  • Gas processing (NGL recovery, ethane recovery/rejection)
  • NGL transportation, fractionation (US markets and exports)
  • Transportation of gas (gas transmission pipeline facilities: operations, P/L integrity, changes in flow patterns)
  • Gas commodity location basis differential and implications
  • Transportation of gas (LNG)
  • Underground storage of gas
  • Exports of gas
  • Wholesale gas sales, deliveries to consumers, and commodity price hedging
  • Produced water handling (new midstream entities)


Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the size, source, and disposition of US natural gas supplies including domestic production, imports, consumption, and exports
  • Be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of what physically happens to natural gas after it leaves the well on its journey to consumers
  • Be able to identify and describe the services provided by gas midstream entities and how fees for such services are established
  • Be able to identify and explain the relationship between midstream entities and both gas producers and gas consumers
  • Be able to differentiate between entities charging market-based rates and rate-regulated entities and between entities bearing commodity price risk and those that do not


Who Should Attend:

Any relatively new employee of a gas industry entity and experienced gas industry professionals (administrative, financial, operations, legal, marketing, and other disciplines) seeking to broaden their understanding of the gas midstream segment.

Meet the Instructor

J.Richard Moore

Dick Moore has more than 40 years of experience in the energy industry including jobs in both regulated and unregulated segments of this industry.  He has held senior management positions in oil and gas exploration and production companies, interstate and intrastate natural gas pipelines, gas and electric utilities as well as natural gas gathering, processing and marketing companies.

Mr. Moore previously served on the Board of Directors of the Gas Processors Association and has held a position as adjunct faculty in the economics department at Richland College in Dallas.  He serves as faculty for the Energy Executive Course at the University of Idaho and the Legislative Energy Horizons Institute of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region as well as the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas and has been a speaker on energy topics for the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.


From 08-31-2021 8:00 am CST until 08-31-2021 4:30 pm CST


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Members $395
Non-Members $450

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