2018 Engineering Innovation Award

Large SGA Engineering Innovation Award

Sponsored by SGA’s Distribution Engineering Committee, this award recognizes engineering professionals or work groups who have developed and implemented innovative processes or programs.  Award winners will be recognized during the opening general session at the SGA Operating Conference July 30 in Tampa, FL. 

Live Presentations

All entries will present their program by live video webinar at 10:00 a.m.

  • Transmission and Midstream Entries - June 21
  • LDC Entries - June 28

Judging Criteria

  • Presentations will be made during a live webinar offered to all SGA member company employees. Webinars participants will have the opportunity to vote following the presentations and select the winners.
  • Presentations will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Adaptability - Can it be adopted by other companies regardless of size? Geographic location? Public or Private?

    • Impact - Does it provide opportunity for new revenue or customer growth? Reduced cost of operation? Greater efficiency/productivity? More safety? Lower rates?

    • Creativity

      • Is this a new concept or the adaption of an existing concept?
      • What was the purpose of implementation from conception to completion?
    • Presentation - How did the presenter communicate the concept within the time alotted?


Potential Entries Might Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Innovation in an engineering or design process or procedure that results in improved time or cost efficiencies during construction or maintenance activities.
  • Innovation in a construction process or standard that allows an operator to serve a new customer or group of customers.
  • Innovative partnerships with your  sales and marketing counterparts that result in increased customer growth or the retention of existing customers.
  • Innovative partnerships with your human resources department  that result in an enhanced ability to recruit and retain engineering talent for your organization.


Entry Rules

  • Please submit a name for your innovation and company name in email form to khobart@southerngas.org by June 14 for Transmission & Midstream entries, and June 21 for LDC.
  • Please put together a PowerPoint presentation with pictures, scanned articles, links to websites, etc. to describe your program:

    • Name of your innovation

    • Describe the innovation

    • How the innovation has brought business benefits to you.

  • Each company will have 10 minutes to present the features and benefits of their program. Adherence to the 10 minute time limit will be taken into consideration when judging the entries.

  • Entries will be accepted from SGA member operating companies only.

  • All entries must schedule and attend a 15-30 minute online training/practice session with SGA staff at least 24 hours prior to the start of the webinar.
  • Winners will be notified within a week of the presentations


Sponsored by the SGA Distribution Engineering Committee