Gas Pipeline Integrity Management Seminar

May 21-22, 2019 | CenterPoint Energy | Houston, TX




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Leveraging from the success of the workshop performed by SGA for many years, we take this opportunity to introduce "Gas Pipeline Integrity Management 2.0" and begin to understand the last decade of baseline work plus the impending regulations of PHMSA. This seminar goes beyond understanding U.S. PHMSA IMP regulations and ASME B31.8S, Managing the Integrity of Gas Pipelines, and focuses on the future of IMP. Seminar facilitators will provide case study scenarios of IMP work over the past decade as well as regulatory requirements (current and future) and processes. Facilitators will then engage the attendees in lively and meaningful discussion to leverage the subject matter expertise int he room to determine how we advance those thoughts collectively. 


Seminar Details

Seminar will cover:

This seminar goes beyond understanding U.S. PHMSA IMP regulations and ASME B31.8S, Managing the Integrity of Gas Pipelines, and focuses on the future of IMP. Facilitators will provide an overview of IMP basics as well as regulatory requirements and processes. Facilitators will then look specifically at the impact of IMP regulations that are on the horizon. This seminar also includes an interactive discussion centered around learning from past history and looking beyond. 

 Topics Include:

  • Overview of recent gas pipeline safety performance - setting the context
  • Data integration - what is it and what value does it bring? Challenges and opportunities
  • Risk assessment and risk management - we have completed the baseline for HCAs, why do we need risk assessment as this point?
  • In-line inspection beyond dents and metal loss - girth and long seam welds, strain, yield strength, what’s next?
  • Stress corrosion cracking - latest developments; your company’ experience.
  • Excavations - a simple bell hole, a full joint and two girth welds or something else?
  • Weather and outside force - recent learnings; opportunities; your companies experience


Meet the Experts

Mark Hereth

Mark Hereth, Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC (P-PIC)

Mark presently serves as a board member for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation and is on the Faculty at the Transportation Center at Northwestern University. Mark has received numerous awards and recognitions from the Department of Transportation for his contributions in risk management and improvements to the Pipeline Safety Regulations. Mark has testified to the Congress of the United States on issues relating to pipeline safety.


Who Should Participate?

Need help deciding if you or someone from your team should sign up...

  • Do you have a basic knowledge of integrity management programs?

  • Are you a recent hire or staff recently given IMP responsibilities?

  • Are you responsible for aspects of your company's pipeline integrity management program?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this seminar was designed with you in mind! Time to get registered. 


Prior Knowledge Recommendations

Students should have a fundamental understanding of natural gas pipeline facilities, their design, construction, operation and maintenance. While instructors will provide a brief overview of IMP, it is recommended that students review the following materials to familiarize themselves with some of the key components of integrity management programs:


What's The Investment? 

Workshop Pricing – Member: $625 | Non-Member: $940


Hotel Information

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What Else?

PDH/CPE: This workshop qualifies for up to 9 professional development hours upon completion. This workshop does not qualify for CPE. 

Sponsoring Committee:
 Pipeline Integrity Management.

Refund Policy: This event follows the SGA Cancellation Policy "B" when cancellation is required.

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