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Welcome New SGA Volunteers

Southern Gas Association’s (SGA) committee structure covers virtually all parts of the natural gas business separated into eight categories. Across these sections, there are more than 50 committees, task forces and event planning teams with 500+ volunteers supporting the organization.

The first quarter of 2019, SGA staff brought on nearly 100 new or returning employees from more than 30 different SGA member companies. We’re excited to have this new group of passionate industry volunteers commit to SGA’s mission linking people, ideas and information.

Please welcome SGA’s newest planning, task forces and committee volunteers:

  • James Spaulding, PSNC Energy
  • Laura Tracey, Washington Gas
  • Ted Gambill, Frontier Natural Gas Company
  • Brian Jackson, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Jacob McGlincy, Southern Company Gas
  • John Rankin, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Jason Talbert, Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.
  • Steven Yehle, Xcel Energy
  • Tony Lange, KS Energy Services LLC.
  • Thomas Menken, Honeywell
  • John Wilson, EN Engineering
  • Rusty Hough, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
  • Jimmy Nicholson, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
  • Stephen Adams, TransCanada
  • Ebrima Cham, Southern Company Gas
  • Vidal Acevedo, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Jasmine Ruppel, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Brent Wininger, SCANA Corporation
  • Lisa Hill, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
  • Jeff Martinez, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Karl Stanley, NiSource, Inc.
  • Julie Trachsel, Spire Inc.
  • Travis Blanton, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Nathan Craft, Vectren Energy Delivery
  • Jeremy Grabowsky, Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Allen Sopshire, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
  • Nicole Christianer, Spire Inc.
  • Shaun Slade, Spire Inc.
  • Dustin Hoey, SCANA Corporation
  • Troy Simoneau, ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Brian Focht, PECO Energy
  • Erin Obering, ONE Gas, Inc.
  • William Bates, The Williams Companies
  • Philip Blessinger, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Isaac Martinez, Enable Midstream Partners
  • Forrest Frazier, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Shawn Fullingim, Enable Midstream Partners
  • Ryan Miller, Washington Gas
  • Lisa Holleron, Texas Gas Service
  • DeAnna Musgrove, Southeast Connections, LLC
  • Brooke South, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
  • Sara Throndson, ERM
  • Casie Westfall, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Carol Williamson, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Eric Jacobs, Southern Company Gas
  • Scott Runyon, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
  • Donald Simmons, Entergy New Orleans Inc.
  • Christine Quinn, TECO Peoples Gas
  • David Yonce, Spire Missouri Inc.
  • Eric Scott, Vectren Energy Delivery
  • Michael Yang, CenterPoint Energy
  • George Godat, Spire Inc.
  • Steven Bowen, PSNC Energy
  • Shannon Jackson, The Southeast Alabama Gas District
  • Erin Obering, ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Darrell Reneau, TECO Energy, Inc.
  • Jesse Sapp, Chesapeake Utilities
  • Rhonda Smith, Southern Company Gas
  • Randy Head, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Tony Case, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • James Crowley, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Wendy Straatmann, TransCanada
  • Valerie Tubbs, Enable Midstream Partners
  • Marc Worth, SCANA Corporation
  • Darrin Chism, Summit Utilities, Inc.
  • Tony Parker, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation
  • John Stephens, Spire Alabama Inc.
  • Daniel Fleming, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Leonard McCoy, TransCanada
  • Lori Miller, Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division
  • Brandy Silvio, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Noel Spicuzza, Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Jordan Ponizhaylo, Southern Cross Corp.
  • Jeff Whitaker, Frontier Natural Gas Company
  • Deirdre Goggins, Texas Gas Service
  • Kelley Grimes, Atmos Energy, West Texas Division
  • Lisa Holleron, Texas Gas Service
  • Sherry Kelley, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Kelee Lusk, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Michael Brandau, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • Richard Ashy, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

Committees and volunteers are the energy who drives SGA forward, and we would like to take this moment to thank and recognize all SGA’s volunteers. You keep our organization’s wheels moving, make our communities safer and provide excellent service that meet the energy needs in America.

Are you interested in joining the effort to grow people and advance the industry for a safe and sustainable future? Together, you can solve today’s problems and drive the conversation for tomorrow, exclusively available to only member company employees.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities and engaging with an SGA committee.

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