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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Natural Gas Business | Management Conference Keynote Sneak Peek

Think you’re not affected by artificial intelligence (AI)? Think again …

SGA’s Management Conference keynote kicks off with the “Case for Change.” Listen and learn solutions to actually leverage AI to boost business results, improve customer service and free up staff to work on more creative initiatives and cultivate better business relationships.

3 Real Ways AI Is Changing the Natural Gas Business

#1 Increase Efficiency of Transaction-Based Work – Think automating customer requests, scheduling, customer communications, data management and more!

#2 Automate Complex Functions Through Algorithms – Apply better algorithms for gas control, gas purchasing, gas scheduling, shift scheduling, etc.

#3 Use Human Intelligence to Boost Analytics Performance – Tap into the potential of analytics-focused employees to identify necessary changes and process improvements for optimal data collection, operations and asset management.

SGA’s 2019 Management Conference keynote will be led by Michael Poland, CMRP, CCMP, CRL, managing director for ASCO&S, Accenture Strategy | Industry XO. Learn more and register today! 

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