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2019 Technical Conference Keynote Sneak Peek!

Don’t miss Dr. Scott Tinker, director of the Bureau of Economic Geology–a joint University of Texas and State of Texas organization, at SGA’s 2019 Technical Conference on Environmental Permitting and Construction.

Tinker will close the conference leaving you inspired with his keynote, The Global Energy Transition: It’s Not What You Think.

Energy fuels the economic engine of the world. Access to secure energy—affordable, available, reliable, and sustainable—is not only vital for economic health, but also to lift the world from poverty, and to invest in the environment.

The energy transition is often thought of as the switch from carbon-based fuels to non-carbon fuels. But is that what we really seek? Or is the important energy transition one in which every person on earth has access to secure energy? Are carbon policy and energy poverty mutually exclusive, or does there exist an energy “radical middle” that can address the challenges of both, and still preserve a healthy economy? Rather than creating divisive political dichotomies of “good and bad,” “clean and dirty,” “believe and deny,” better to delve into the science, technology, and economics of energy poverty, atmospheric greenhouse-gas reduction, and large-scale land use and mining.

Is there a framework that could result in a significant reduction of energy poverty, a real impact on climate change, and reduced land used for energy production—while maintaining a healthy global economy? Will NGOs, governments, academia, and industry find common ground and enable such a future to unfold?

To avoid well-intended, but often negative outcomes, government policies require fact-based, transparent, and accessible energy education, as well as open, objective, and non-partisan dialog around such things as scale and density; emissions, land use, and water; resource extraction and development; economics and policy; and more. Through such dialog, compromise and convergence on workable solutions could be possible.

Watch a sneak peek of what Dr. Tinker will be sharing in the teaser below!

Join us February 12-15 for SGA’s 2019 Technical Conference on Environmental Permitting and Construction, and register today.



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