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James P. Buchwald, founder of Ariel Corporation, Recognized with Edward N. Henderson Award

During the 2016 Gas Machinery Conference, James P. Buchwald, founder of Ariel Corporation, was recognized with the Edward N. Henderson Award. Sponsored by the Gas Machinery Research Council, this award acknowledges and honors individuals, who have made significant and, in this instance, lifetime contributions to the gas industry as a whole.

James P. Buchwald receives the Edward N. Henderson Award

“Ariel has been a leader for 50 years. Jim Buchwald had ideas that changed the industry, and Ariel continues to be a leader today. Ariel has dedicated itself to the Gas Machinery Research Council for many years through hosting its 22nd annual reception at the GMRC event this year to its participation in our committees that help drive industry research, presenting papers at our conference and serving at the strategic board level. When it came time to look at Ariel critically from a GMRC perspective asking, ‘What all have they done?’ the answer was simple. Ariel Corporation and Jim Buchwald check every box,” said Mike Grubb, President and CEO of Southern Gas Association and Gas Machinery Research Council.

In 1965, Buchwald was working to design a line of large compressors to match up with the latest gas engines.  At the time, the industry standard for high speed was 1000 RPM. By designing an 1800 RM compressor for gas gathering, Jim completely disrupted the industry and significantly lowered the cost of a gas gathering package.

That compressor, now known as Serial #1, forever changed the industry and Buchwald built a company that would challenge barriers and drive industry forward from then on. Buchwald lead Ariel Corporation from its founding on April 27, 1966, until his retirement on April 30, 1998.

Over 30 years, he saw many ups and downs in the industry, and under his leadership Ariel produced a wide range of compressors for a variety of upstream, midstream and downstream applications.

2016 Edward N. Henderson Award

He returned to Ariel Corporation in 2008, where he mentors young engineers, tells stories and provides a wealth of information about all the compressors he had a part in designing and building.

Jim truly is a pioneer in the natural gas compression industry.

Learn more about Buchwald, please watch Ariel Corporation’s “Jim Buchwald: Answering the Call that Changed the Compressor Industry” here.


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