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Successful Completion of 2016 Mutual Assistance National Mock Drill

The last part of August, Southern Gas Association helped facilitate a national mock drill with the American Gas Association, Western Energy Institute and Midwest Energy Association that was led by Northeast Gas Association.

The purpose of this drill was to “test” the preparedness of gas companies when faced with a natural disaster or emergency. Member companies that participated in this drill were tasked with coordinating resources and logistics to address the situation.

Bob Metzinger of Dominion East Ohio said, “…the drill was very worthwhile.  We took the drill very seriously going down to the employee level, and it helped to surface some issues that we need to work on.”

This year, the group was faced with a hurricane in the northeast and subsequently carried out appropriate responses to the drill through a series of emails and teleconferences. Participating companies allotted and planned for logistics of sharing resources with company’s in the affected area. Companies are now in the process of evaluating their performance and have the opportunity to share lessons learned through an after-event survey. A debrief web conference, led by the American Gas Association, is tentatively planned for late October, where key takeaways will be shared.

“The mock drill afforded us the opportunity to test our ability to quickly and efficiently allocate mutual aid resources to impacted organizations.  We found tremendous value participating in this joint operational effort,” said Mike Schormann of Spire, Inc.

You can view the specific details  about the drill or for more information about the SGA Mutual Assistance program, contact Kent Hobart.

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