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SGA DOT Compliance Program Subscription

There is no doubt that compliance is a big part of our industry.  Pipeline Safety & Integrity is a cornerstone of that with ensuring a safe mode of transportation for our country.  The SGA is proud to play a part in connecting our members together through our DOT Compliance Program.  This program is a subscription service through the SGA and offers the following benefits:

  • Web Based Training (WBT) training modules for employees to get an opportunity to understand the basics of the compliance code.  These modules cover:
    • History and Navigation of Part 192
    • Key Definitions
    • Reporting Requirements
    • MAOP Class Location
    • MAOP – Testing and Uprating
    • Gas Pressure Regulation and Overpressure Protection
    • Odorization of Gas
    • Welding of Steel in Pipelines
    • Plastic Pipe Requirements
    • General Construction Requirements
    • Operations Subpart L
    • Operations Subpart M
    • Corrosion Control
    • Transmission Integrity Management
    • Operator Qualification Subpart N
    • Emergency Plans
    • Public Awareness
    • Distribution Integrity Management
  • In class (public or in-house offerings available) workshops to cover diversity of the code from industry experts and subject matter experts. To see a sample of a public offering of this workshop, click here. Contact Gary Hines if interested in bringing this workshop to your company.
  • Frequent (usually quarterly) conference call and webinars with guests from regulatory bodies (i.e. PHMSA, State Regulatory Agencies, etc.)
  • Discussion forum hosted through the Connect@SGA portal for discussion around compliance related issues for the industry – including the sharing of policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Opportunity to shape and lead discussions at conferences (Operating Conference, Spring Gas Conference & Expo, and Environmental, Safety & Health, and Training Conference) and other face to face events (workshops, networking opportunities, etc.)

To learn more about this robust program for our industry, let Doug Hinkle or Gary Hines know.

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