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FERC Technical Conference Regarding Coordination between Natural Gas and Electricity Markets under AD12-12

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced March 5, 2013 that they would be holding a technical conference “…focused on natural gas and electric scheduling, and issues related to whether and how natural gas and electric industry schedules could be harmonized in order to achieve the most efficient scheduling systems for both industries.” The technical conference is scheduled for April 25, 2013 and will be held in the FERC offices at 888 First Street, NE, Washington, DC, 20426.

As per the conference announcement, “The conference will explore whether and how to achieve more efficient scheduling practices for the two industries. The conference will consider whether changes should be made to provide additional scheduling flexibility, including suggestions raised by stakeholders such as whether to increase the number of nomination opportunities, eliminate or change the interruptible “no-bump” rule, and/or provide enhanced ability for customers to schedule real-time gas transfers/sales or intraday capacity release transactions. The conference also will explore coordination of gas and electric scheduling, including: whether the establishment of a single “energy day” is desired and would be beneficial and how the scheduling leading up to that day could be efficiently sequenced; how to manage difficulties scheduling gas in the evenings and for weekends and holidays; whether it is preferable for electric scheduling to be done before or after gas and transportation scheduling; and whether technological advances permit a reduction in the time between the electric bid or pipeline nomination and when they are scheduled. Lastly, the conference also will explore whether these suggestions or any other options would allow for more efficient use of existing infrastructure by both gas generators and other customers.”

The conference will not be transcribed, but a free webcast of the conference is available with additional details of the internet connection available in the conference announcement.

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