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Public Awareness & Damage Prevention 

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2019 Chair: Kelee Lusk, Atmos Energy Mid-Tex Division 
SGA Staff Contact: Volunteer Engagement Team 

The purpose of the Public Awareness and Damage Prevention Interest Group is to build community within its peer group and engage the Interest Group in dialogue to facilitate the exchange of information. The focus of the Public Awareness Interest Group is identifying issues and challenges, educating, collaborating, training, reviewing lessons learned and best practices, and facilitating conversations which lead to the discovery of ideas and possible solutions.

Who We Are? Public awareness, damage prevention, operations and government affairs professionals from across the natural gas industry. 

What We Do? Provide networking and educational opportunities to industry peers through awards programs, best practice sharing and sessions at the meetings.

Where We Meet? The Public Awareness and Damage Prevention Committee meets virtually through webinars, in person at planning meetings and conferences, and for monthly committee calls.


Committee Roster




  • Public Awareness & Damage Prevention ROUNDTABLE PLANNING MEETING | FEBRUARY 21-22, 2019 POINT CLEAR, AL



PHMSA Stakeholder Communications Website

  • Pipelines Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) – This is a cross-function alliance formed through the PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety to create best practices for the pipeline industry as well as those that plan for development around the pipeline assets.  More information can be found by visiting the PIPA website.
  • In Spring 2010, PHMSA initiated an effort to assess the extent to which each state is taking steps to incorporate the nine elements of effective damage prevention programs into the state’s damage prevention program. The nine elements were cited by Congress in the Pipeline Inspection, Protection, Enforcement and Safety (PIPES) Act of 2006. Webpage for more information.


API RP 1162 - Public Access

  • Through an initiative by the Federal government, API has made their publications available for viewing.  To learn more visit the API Public Publications website.


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Volunteer leaders, from member companies, are the energy that fuels SGA on its mission to grow individuals and advance the industry. Serving as a volunteer gives you a seat on the front row as industry issues evolve, while providing the opportunity to build a valuable network of industry friends.