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Benchmarking & Best Practices Program


The SGA has a long history of working with its member companies to provide an avenue to have members request feedback from their peers in these two distinct categories: Benchmarking & Best Practices.



The SGA works with member companies to collect data from multiple companies in order to help all member companies better understand where they perform against their peers.  While data collection is never fun - it is an important part of what we do as an industry to ensure we are providing the best service to customers (whether internal or external).  The SGA performs Info-Share Surveys (ISS) for membership when requested. From a governance perspective, all ISS' are "owned" by one of our committees.  These committees provide an outlet for SGA staff should there be any questions from member companies submitting data or from others requesting the data that may not have participated in the surveys.  These surveys can be either a one-time event based on a need at the time or may be ongoing based on a need in the industry to constantly improve processes.


On-Going Benchmarking Offerings:

  • Accident Experience Analysis Report (sponsored by the Safety & Health Committee)
  • Organizational Technical Training Time & Cost Management Analysis (sponsored by the Transmission Technical Training Committee) (new in 2014 & planned bi-annually)

Are there others the SGA should be performing on an annual basis?  Please contact Gary Hines to share your ideas.


Best Practices

The SGA has been performing informal smart and best practice idea sharing for a long time.  This is the cornerstone behind our roundtable format for many groups that meet at the many conferences throughout the year:

While many groups have ample time to discuss best practices for their needs at one of these conferences, there are at times topics that need more time to deep dive on issues than can be spent at these events.  To accomodate for this, the SGA often offers additional best practice sessions on a particular hot topic while attendees are already at one of these conference.  Below are a listing of opportunities for additional best practice discussion.

  • SGA / APGA Utility Best Practices Web Conference Series
  • Operating Conference- Pipeline Safety Management Systems "Deep Dive" Workshop & Roundtable 
    • Wednesday, July 27, 2016: 1 PM to 4 PM
    • Thursdday, July 28, 2016: 8 AM to 11:30 AM


Advising Section Managing Committees:


SGA Staff Contacts To Discuss Benchmarking or Best Practice Opportunities:

Jane Butler - Gas Machinery & Corporate Services

Kent Hobart - Distribution Operations & Engineering 

Gary Hines - Pipeline Operations & Engineering

Veronica Garza - Marketing & Training


For general information about the SGA Benchmarking & Best Practices Program: Contact Gary Hines 


Looking for access to our previous programs offered in conjunction with the America Gas Association?  See our archived program details here.



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