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The purpose of this interest group is to focus on natural gas fleet operations. Areas of focus include dedicated vs. duel fueled, outsourcing, integration with traditional fleet, tank design, CNG operations/maintenance, service life, operating costs, and cylinder/tank inspectors.  

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Operating Conference – New Orleans - July 28-30, 2014

The NGV Operations Breakout Session and Roundtable was held in conjunction with the SGA Operating Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Orleans, LA on July 28-30, 2014.   The Roundtable was attended by 14.

JR Cottrell, SCANA and Joe Alesce, Alagasco, coordinated the planning of the roundtable and special thanks to Brad Ballard and Joe Lytle (ONE Gas), Tim Hess (Black Hills), Jason Broach (AGL Resources) and Keith Gruetzmacher (TECO) for participating in the leadership of the NGV Operations Committee and participating in the Breakout Session and the Roundtable.

Monday afternoon’s Breakout Session featured Brad Ballard, ONE Gas, and Brad Wagoner, Leggett & Platt.   Brad Ballard provided the group of approximately 40 attendees with and update on the NGV Industry address new regulations, incentives and innovations impacting the NGV sector. Brad Wagoner followed with an update on the Landi Renzo organization’s US offerings and services and more specifically their “ship through vehicle service”.

Tuesday opened with Brad Ballard, ONE Gas, conducting a roundtable discussion on NGV Operational Safety Programs and State and Federal codes and standards. The roundtable included various topics of interest to the attendees.

Following, Tim Hess, Black Hills Energy, moderated the discussion on Maintenance Facility Audits. Maintenance Facility safety compliance, codes and standards, and design and configuration considerations were covered and lessons learned shared.

Following lunch with the Exhibiters and Associate Members, Joe Lytle, ONE Gas, and Jason Broach, AGL Resources, opened the afternoon with a roundtable discussion on NGV conversion and maintenance.

Wednesday morning was committed to sharing experiences and best practices dealing with CNG Station Operation Management with Chuck Moon, AGL Resources, taking the lead and supported by Joe Alesce, Alabama Gas. Management of CNG fill stations provides a number of challenges for operators. Providing access to the public and commercial customers and meeting peak demands while providing 24x7 services requires skilled technicians, supervisors and managers.

Many thanks to the leadership of the NGV Operations Committee for an outstanding three days of presentations, discussions and sharing. Special thanks to Joe Alesce who stepped up to take on the role of chair for the Breakout and Roundtable. We look forward to seeing you all at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, TN on July 20-22, 2015 for the SGA Operating Conference and NGV Operating Roundtable and Breakout.


The NGV Operations Roundtable – July 22-24, 2013

The NGV Operations Roundtable was held in conjunction with the SGA Operating Conference at the Houston, Texas Hyatt Regency on July 22-24, 2013. The roundtable was attended by around 20 SGA members.

Many thanks to J. R. Cottrell, PSNC Energy and Brad Ballard, Oklahoma Natural Gas for their part in making this roundtable a success. Also a special thanks to all of those who presented at the roundtable. The presentations and panels provided the foundation for an exchange of valuable information and an outstanding roundtable. The subject matter experts provided a forum for productive and valuable discussion. The NGV market is continuing to grow nationwide and natural gas industry fleet managers continue to face the challenge of integration NGV’s into their traditional truck and vehicle fleets. SGA expects this Committee and interest group to continue to grow and track the developments and trends of NGV’s.

Ana Hargrove of CenterPoint discussed natural gas as a transportation fuel. She covered the incentives of natural gas vehicles, as well as CenterPoint’s objectives and strategies moving forward with their NGV involvement.

Brad Ballard of Oklahoma Natural Gas discussed the general information regarding Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as well as its benefits. He also reviewed ONG’s continued commitment to grow the NGV market.

Frank Chapel of Apache Corporation shared the natural gas vehicle initiatives within Apache, as well as the overall benefits of expanding the use of NGV’s, including, environmental and operational considerations. The natural gas fill stations network that is developing in the southern and southwestern U.S. was also highlighted in his presentation.

John Howell of Wesport discussed the progress of his company in expanding the production of natural gas vehicles.

Tom Schultz of Laclede expanded on maintenance and repair facility modifications. He covered HVAC guidelines and NFPA codes on CNG repair garages.

Again, thanks to J.R and Brad for an outstanding NGV Operations Roundtable. Plan to join SGA and its members next year at the New Orleans, LA Hyatt Regency, July 28-30, 2014 for the Operating Conference, and the NGV Operations Roundtable.

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