Board-Level Committees

SGA has six board-level committees whose members are recommended by the President & CEO and approved by the Board Chair.


Support and oversee critical SGA committee activities

SGA has six board-level committees whose members are recommended by the President & CEO and approved by the Board Chair.

SGA’s board-level committees include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Audit/Finance Committee
  • Membership & Awards Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Executive Conference Planning Committee

Executive Committee

Chair | Scott Hallam, Boardwalk Pipelines

The Executive Committee acts in place of the Board between Board meetings on all matters except those reserved exclusively to the Board. All action from the Executive Committee is reported to the Board for ratification. The Chair of the Board serves as Chair of the Executive Committee.

Nominating Committee

Chair | Steve Lindsey, Spire, Inc.

The Nominating Committee solicits recommendations from the Board and Official Delegates for nominations of candidates for each of the offices of the Chair of the Board, First Vice Chair of the Board, Second Vice Chair of the Board, Secretary/Treasurer and eight Elected Directors. They also ensure that no member is represented by more than one Director at ta time.

Audit/Finance Committee

Chair | Helen Wesley, TECO Peoples Gas

The Audit/Finance Committee prepares and submits proposed revenues and expenses for the succeeding year, recommends the rate of dues to be paid by each membership category and handles other financial matters as assigned by the Board.

The committee annually recommends to the Board a firm of independent public accountants to audit the books and accounts for SGA, determine the scope of audit examinations to be performed and the fees to be paid.

Membership & Awards Committee

Chair | Sasha Weintraub, Duke Energy Corp

The Membership & Awards Committee promotes, increases and maintains the membership of SGA. This committee also considers and authorizes Honorary Membership or Service Awards to individuals or members who by reason of their contribution to the industry and/or service to SGA are worthy of such honor and recognition.

Planning Committee

Chair | Cristie Neller, BHE GT&S

The Planning Committee develops SGA’s Three Year Activity and Strategic Plans, reviews and approves all section committee association activities both when proposed and during their execution, to ensure that the program will be well organized, appropriate to SGA purposes, and adjusted financial resources and not unduly burdensome on the membership.

Executive Conference Planning Committee

Chair | Sasha Weintraub, Duke Energy Corp.

The Executive Conference Planning Committee sole purpose is to plan the agenda for the November Executive Conference.