Navigating Natural Gas Codes and Standards Made Easy:
Introducing the Tip Sheet

We’re excited to introduce the End Use Codes & Standards Tip Sheet, a valuable resource that simplifies the complex world of codes and standards in the natural gas industry. Sponsored by the American Gas Association, American Public Gas Association, and Southern Gas Association, this Tip Sheet is your essential reference for understanding local regulations, serving customers effectively, and ensuring safety.

Key Highlights:


Quick Definitions

  • Learn how to communicate cost savings to customers.
  • Understand your jurisdiction’s fuel gas codes.
  • Discover the applicability of key codes.


Things to Think About

  • Considerations for customers seeking new gas service or those with existing service.
  • Evaluate appliances, BTU input, venting requirements, and more.
  • Prioritize safety as the industry’s number one goal.


Model Codes to Know

  • Familiarize yourself with critical model codes shaping the industry.


National Resources

  • Access a list of national organizations and associations dedicated to codes and standards development.


Getting Involved

  • Discover opportunities to actively participate in codes and standards development.


The End Use Codes & Standards Tip Sheet empowers you with the knowledge to better serve customers and ensure safety in the natural gas industry. Get involved and stay informed about the latest developments.


Access the Tip Sheet here and make a difference in the natural gas sector.


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