SGA Announces Winners of the 2023 Innovative Tech Forum

Dallas, TX – The Southern Gas Association is honored to announce the winning presentations for the 2023 Innovative Tech Forum: INNIO Waukesha and Heath Consultants

“Congratulations to the winners of our Third Annual Innovative Tech Forum. This forum showcases the technology, service, and product innovators, business pioneers, and influencers who are not afraid to lead the way to the future for the natural gas industry.” said Suzanne Ogle, President and CEO of the Southern Gas Association. “We are pleased to continue to partner with our Associate Members to promote the innovation acceleration we see in the natural gas industry. SGA applauds each of the presenting companies and all those who submitted proposals. As providers of innovation-driving, sustainable energy solutions, these companies think of themselves first as collaborators and partners in helping operators deliver on their net-zero pledges.” 

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of those who submitted proposals. The winning Management Conference presenters are a prestigious sampling of cutting-edge companies that the Innovative Tech Forum will propel forward and upward. We are grateful to our Associate Section Managing Committee for their ongoing support and leadership in this effort.

The winning presentations at the Innovative Tech Forum equip the industry with the equipment and practices necessary to allow the world to meet rising energy demand achieving climate aspirations.

Heath Consultants | Natural Gas Alarms Enhance Public Safety and Quicken Emergency Response

DeNova Detect alarms can be integrated into a utility’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network or as non-connected devices in residential and commercial settings. The connected natural gas alarm’s signal is sent through the smart electric meter to the utility’s response center which alerts and dispatches an emergency response. When the alarm senses natural gas, it sounds a distress signal and a voice warning that advises occupants to evacuate and call 911 from outside the building. The building’s alarm communicates readings of natural gas levels every 30 seconds when in alarm. The utility uses this data to update emergency responders in real time about the location and severity of the leak. Because the alarm signals are sent out to the utility and first responders, they are resilient to being set off by typical household chemicals, limiting the potential for false alarms.

INNIO Waukesha | Carbon Neutral Gas Storage

To reduce baseline emissions, the Katy Storage and Transportation facility, owned by Enstor Gas, LLC became the first gas storage facility in the nation to become carbon neutral. Enstor swapped out nine lean burn engines for Waukesha VHP Series Five rich-burn reUp (remanufactured) engines. Multiple technologies were evaluated for emission reductions, but ultimately the VHP Series Five rich-burn technology was chosen for its ability to reduce about 90% of Methane in the exhaust compared to their lean burn engines and reduce CO2e intensity by about 20%.

Waukesha’s VHP Series Five reUp rich-burn technology reduces CO2e output while also lowering operating expenses via longer service intervals. VHP Series Five Miller cycle keeps fuel consumption on par with comparative lean burn engines. Waukesha’s reUp program reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing new engines and upgrading to the latest technologies while reusing existing infrastructure, compressors, and most of the existing package.

Southern Gas Association’s Innovative Tech Forum takes place on May 18 and celebrates natural gas innovation. The Innovative Tech Forum is a dynamic tech fest dedicated to product and service discovery and highlights all the ways innovative thinking and innovative technology can build a better and cleaner energy future for all of us. Focusing on innovation, SGA Associate Members who submitted proposals will have an opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge solutions with the SGA Operating Member community in a 15-minute live technology presentation with live Q&A during the 2023 Management Conference in Frisco, Texas. Visit here to register to attend the conference.

Our panel of Industry Judges included SGA’s Board Executive Committee and our 32 Board Directors. Names and companies can be viewed on our website

  • Luke Litteken, SVP Gas, Xcel Energy
  • Scott Hallam, SVP Transmission and Gulf of Mexico, Williams 
  • Cristie Neller, VP Administrative Services, BHE GT&S
  • Sasha Weintraub, SVP & President, Natural Gas Business, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Steve Lindsey, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Spire, Inc.


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