Staff Update: Melvin Templeton Promoted to Director of Operations

We are pleased to share a key staffing update that will directly impact the effectiveness of SGA’s work. Melvin Templeton joined SGA in January 2023 and has been serving with important perspectives and experience. Melvin’s decade of non-profit experience and program management skills provide a cross-functional approach to member-centered, data-driven operations.

SGA is proud to announce that Melvin Templeton will now serve as SGA’s Director of Operations. In this role, Melvin will work across SGA functions to fulfill our mission and purpose of linking people, ideas and information while providing innovative offerings and growing the market share of our brand. Increasing member engagement and satisfaction is at the core of SGA’s values, and Melvin Templeton has embodied these values since joining the SGA team.

In fact, more than just fulfilling the mission and purpose of SGA, Melvin brings a commitment and passion to building meaningful relationships that will be key to moving this industry forward, facing challenges and innovating to a clean energy future. Melvin lives the SGA value that “We are a team on a mission” in his approach to life both personally and professionally as relationship building is “the core of everything he does”. Melvin believes that “no one accomplishes great things alone.” SGA will continue to facilitate great industry partnerships and great work with a leadership team that lives these values.