NGC&E ’21 Keynote Address from Project Canary

Keynote Address

When it comes to climate change, carbon gets both the headlines and the investment. Because it’s key to such a dire problem, it’s the most-reported and most-measured metric. Despite all this publicity and published research, this is what we’ve learned from climate change: Solving the big problem of carbon is something people can’t wrap their heads around. It’s too big, too abstract, too intractable.

Chris Romer, CEO & Co-Founder of Project Canary, and the featured keynote address at NGC&E ‘21, puts it like this:

“If we’re going to fight climate change effectively, we need to focus on things that can have an impact now and inspire businesses and individuals to recommit to the long-term fight.”

Chris will present an insightful, contextual and provoking address titled, ‘How Technology, Data and Transparency are Driving the New Energy Paradigm’ to challenge our industry and inspire creative action.


Featured Speaker

Chris Romer, CEO & Co-Founder of Project Canary, the energy sector ESG data platform and uncompromising certification technology.

Chris Romer is responsible for strategic management, business development, regulatory policy, and capital formation. He spent 24 years developing energy infrastructure and public-private partnerships with investment banks, including JPMorgan & Citibank, and was a leader in energy policy as a Colorado State Senator from 2006 – 2010. Chris is also a co-founder and senior advisor at Guild Education, Denver’s fastest-growing SAAS startup, where he has helped Fortune 500 companies partner with top universities to offer education as a benefit to increase employee satisfaction and retention. His background in energy, education, policymaking, B-Corp capital formation, and entrepreneurship is instrumental in achieving Project Canary’s mission-driven growth goals and customer service objectives. His passion is developing balanced energy policies to facilitate sustainable economic growth because there is no planet B. Chris holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University.


About Project Canary

Project Canary delivers trusted and reliable, independent Energy ESG data. We are the leaders in the certification of responsible operations throughout the energy value chain and provide measurement-based emission profiles via continuous monitoring technology. Their technology services help identify the most responsible energy supply chain operators. Analyzing more than 600 operational data points, TrustWell by Project Canary is the most comprehensive well-pad and mid-stream certification program available. Project Canary is the recognized badge of high standards. Formed as a Public Benefit Corporation, Project Canary’s team of scientists, engineers, and seasoned industry operators have earned recognition for their uncompromising standards, including being named “Best for the World 2021″ B Corp.


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