Trainings and Classes – Mobile and Near You

When creativity brings value, everyone benefits. And in times of pandemic, SGA is offering just that!

SGA is now conducting in-person training and education classes in various locations around the country. By bringing these LIVE mobile training and classes to you, members will have greater accessibility to our programs, reduce travel expenses and requirements – and enjoy an overall improved quality of training.

SGA is coordinating facilities with members throughout the country to conduct these LIVE classes – which will include a variety of topics from our CORE program classes to professional development in a classroom setting, to hands-on technical training in replicated field environments.

This mobile program will remain part of the education and training program from SGA throughout 2022.  Class size will vary based on training location capacity and topic, with several classes scheduled per mobile training event in order to maximize training quantity per event.

To learn more about a mobile training or education class near you, click here.