Special Announcement: SGA Technical Conference on Environmental Permitting and Construction (TCEPC) 2021 Moves to Virtual Conference

Today, Southern Gas Association (SGA) announces that the 2021 Technical Conference on Environmental Permitting and Construction commonly known as TCEPC, scheduled for September 13 – 16 in Austin, Texas will transition to a virtual event.

SGA’s priority is the health and safety of the natural gas community, including our members, staff, supporters, other conference attendees and the host city. While we were optimistic that we would be able to connect face-to-face in September, sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Austin’s COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are continuing to surge to pre-vaccine levels resulting in the Austin Public Health (APH) raising the area’s risk-based guidance to Stage 5, its highest level. With hundreds of attendees traveling from across the United States, we cannot in good conscience, continue with a face-to-face event and risk an additional spike in infection for Austin or expose our attendees to the highly transmissible COVID-19 Delta variant.

What’s Not Changing:

Despite the disruption, SGA is excited to bring you the virtual version of TCEPC, a conference whose attendance has been growing year over year due to industry and regulatory priorities. The planning committee are your peers and know what you’re expecting to learn. The great news is we will still deliver the valuable content you came for, just from the comfort of your office.

We will leverage our technology to bring our community together in a virtual setting, and to disseminate valuable, relevant and timely content. We believe that you will find this year’s Technical Conference on Environment Permitting and Construction insightful, beneficial, and of the quality that you have come to expect from the Southern Gas Association.

Content is King

The opening keynote, “An Industry in Transition” and closing keynote, “Catching up with FERC After a Year of Masking and Vaxxing” will continue as planned. As well as the other sessions including:

  • ESG Metrics for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure, a presentation comparing and contrasting greenhouse gas reporting metrics
  • Embedding ESG Objectives into Front-End Planning
  • Achieving Sustainability Through Restoration
  • Virtual Stakeholder Engagement – Past, Present, and Future
  • Show Me the Data: FERC Environmental Information Requests
  • Pipeline Replacements & Upgrades in Congested Corridors
  • HDD Permitting – It’s Not Just a FERC Thing
  • Migratory Bird Treaty Act Implementation – Chasing a Moving Target
  • Beyond FERC: Building a Non-Traditional NEPA Document using Third-Party Consultants
  • Drone Technology in Environmental Workflows
  • Navigating with No Map: How the Definition, Then Re-Defining of America’s Waters Have Impacted
  • Restored Crossings: When and Where to Apply Stream Restoration Techniques to Protect Exposed Pipelines
  • Poke Patch Historic District and Underground Railroad Research Alternative Mitigation – A Case Study in Creative Alternative Mitigation for Projects Within a Historic District
  • Protected Species Planning and Management During Project Construction: What Did We Get Ourselves Into?
  • Methane Rules and Compliance
  • Where is the World is NEPA Sandiego?
  • Considering Project Effects on Historic Landscapes

Wait, There’s More

AND for those who attend virtually, we have a fun surprise special event planned, proving that it’s actually possible to build a community without borders. As well we will provide a 10% discount to TCEPC 2022 in February in Oklahoma City.


Suzanne Ogle

President and CEO
Southern Gas Association



Do I need to do anything? No, all information will be provided to you and accessible via the SGA App one week prior to the start of the conference

What if I have a conflict? All sessions will be recorded and available to watch on-demand when it’s convenient for you.

Can I access the conference on my Desktop and Phone? Absolutely

What about PDH? Not to worry, we can monitor time in class or webinars. Provided you are there and attentive for 90% of the class, you will be eligible to receive PDH,

I hate virtual, can I get a credit? We hear you! Yes, you can get credit but we think you’ll regret not attending (both this year for the content and next with the discount)

What can you tell me about the “secret event”? Only that it will be fun and personalized. Expect delivery to your delivery address of choice and then an opportunity to network virtually. The rest of the details are for the party-goers, not the party poopers.

Who should I contact if I have questions? SGA Member Services- Tracy Honea or Carol Keith at memberservices@southerngas.org.