Suzanne Ogle, President & CEO of Southern Gas Association, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

In this insightful interview on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast with Adam Torres, Suzanne Ogle, President & CEO at Southern Gas Association, highlights her unusual journey to enter the energy industry. She discusses various aspects and components of the field while emphasizing the innovation driving a clean energy future. Suzanne also talks about her mission at Southern Gas Association.

Raised in California, Suzanne never dreamed of landing in the energy industry. Daughter of a pilot-art director duo, she marked an unexpected entry into the field after finishing her masters and quickly recognized her calling. Suzanne was enticed by the processes and systems that allow us to flip a switch and reliably have power and the dedicated and talented professionals working in the industry. Soon, the right chords struck, and she found herself well-placed in the energy industry.

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Components of the Industry

Having vast experience working and gaining expertise in different areas of the energy value chain, Suzanne offers a unique view on various aspects. According to Ogle, the industry can be seen as a large, complex sector with interrelated and interdependent systems. Despite the multiple segments, including thermal and renewable, energy can be considered in totality.

Suzanne elaborates on the phenomenal opportunities opening up in the coming times for embracing changes and solutions. Now is the time to pursue what is promising, but not forsake what is working. We should make sure to embrace natural gas and renewables as highly complementary, and celebrate these two necessary energy solutions that will help us meet the goals of cutting emissions while ensuring reliable and affordable electric power for American consumers.

She explains the three components of the energy domain as:

  • Upstream, which takes care of extraction work
  • Midstream which is responsible for transportation, and
  • Downstream that deals in distribution.

Secret Sauce

Founded in 1908, Southern Gas Association is led by a powerful vision along with passionate people onboard. Immense focus is laid on training in problem-solving, leadership, and technical and sales problems. The firm also places high regard for values of inclusion and diversity. “Training and curiosity are the keys to advancements!” shares Suzanne.

Talking about her company, Ogle discusses the “togetherness” within the culture and terms it to be the secret sauce of success. “We understand together and drive innovation since one system affects the other,” she adds.

Pieces of Advice

The reasoning for the overall goal of a lower carbon future and the growing need for cleaner air, Suzanne terms it to be the best time to enter the energy industry.  As we advance our energy system, we aren’t substituting old technologies for new, but instead focusing on a whole-systems transformation.  By embracing accelerators such as renewable natural gas that removes emissions that already exist or integrating alternative fuels like hydrogen into the existing infrastructure we are changing the landscape, shares Ogle. She also advises Gen Z to make the most out of the time and move forward with a purposeful approach.


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