Announcing a Special, Limited Email Series: Developing Your ESG Strategy

SGA has teamed up with Adamantine Energy to bring our members a special series for companies just getting started on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) work. SGA members can “Opt-In” to this series by clicking on this link.

In March, SGA hosted a webinar with Adamantine titled “ESG: Disruptions, Drivers, and the Decision to Get Started“, which provided an overview of ESG and sustainability, the rapidly emerging trends and drivers around ESG, the evolving expectations amongst investors, regulators, and stakeholders, and the steps companies can take towards ESG strategy development and reporting.

As a follow-up to this ESG programming, we have created an email series featuring five monthly installments designed to provide companies new to ESG with a deeper dive into the key steps, processes, and considerations behind formulating and enacting their unique ESG strategy. Together, these emails will provide you with a guide to embarking upon this effort, which is a key component in future-proofing natural gas businesses to rising social risk.

At SGA we are passionate about future-proofing our industry and this begins with each of our members’ businesses. Join us by receiving this series.