Southern Gas Association Announces Promotion of Cindy Mitchell to Vice President of Operations

January 26, 2021– Southern Gas Association (SGA) announced today that Sr. Director of Administration Cindy Mitchell has been promoted to Vice President of Operations. Cindy joined the SGA team in 2019 and has served the association in a variety of roles, including leadership of several of SGA’s initiatives. Beyond administration, her role has grown to include leading the SGA membership experience, marketing, and events departments in support of the SGA member community.  In her role as Sr. Director of Administration, Mitchell worked collaboratively with the association’s leadership team to research, develop and monitor initiatives relating to talent acquisition, onboarding, career development, engagement, benefits, and retention. Her efforts have fostered an environment that allows employees to better serve our members.

“The work we do is critical — now more than ever,” said Cindy. “As we come out of a challenging year and find our place in a new energy landscape with a workforce in transition, I find the position SGA is in, to support the development of our member companies’ professionals, essential. Developing leaders and sharing knowledge that drives innovation is extremely valuable for the future of our industry. Creating an environment that enables all members to have awareness of and benefit from the value of SGA’s initiatives is my core focus.”

“Cindy’s commitment to promoting excellent event execution and member service, while fostering growth of SGA’s member awareness has driven several of our initiatives to high levels of quality and impact since she joined SGA in 2019,” said Southern Gas Association Chief Executive Officer Suzanne Ogle. “Her focus on collaboration among stakeholders and innovation has expanded SGA’s presence in the natural gas industry and enriched the resources we’ve been able to bring to members. She is an exceptional member of our team, and I am confident that with her expanded role, she will help drive best in class service and processes to SGA’s membership.”

Cindy will begin her VP tenure by kicking off a free monthly webinar designed to equip local government leaders to better understand options to reach a clean energy future. Click here for more information.